Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions For Public Cruises, Private Charter & BookingTickets Online

Our vessels all operate within the code of conduct adhered to by the Passenger Boat Association and governed in their operation by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.  The Company insurance is provided Sunderland Marine Mutual Insurance Company Limited, a specialist Marine Craft Insurer and Lloyds of London.

1. Online tickets must be paid for in full, in advance by a valid credit or debit card and by completing our online booking process.

2. Tickets are only valid so long as full payment has been cleared.

3. On line gift vouchers entitle the bearer to redeem against cruises to the value of the voucher.

4. When purchasing online tickets, you must state correctly the number and type of tickets required and the particular trip required with date and time.  If extra tickets are required on the day they may be able to be purchased, if there is availability, on boarding the vessel.

5. Online tickets can only be used for the stated trip and are not valid on other cruises.  They are not transferable and there are no refunds for unused tickets.

6. Passengers are required to print off their own tickets or to have the online notification available for inspection on boarding, on their mobile device.  All tickets have a unique reference number and can be cross referenced for validation.

7. Thames Rivercruise reserve the right to cancel or amend trips as strictly necessary.  If these are the fault of the company i.e. mechanical breakdown a full refund will be given.  If they are beyond the control of the company i.e. flood conditions or river closures and is not the responsibility of the company, there will be no refund.

8. Thames Rivercruise will endeavour to run all the cruises it offers on time and without delay but reserves the right that times may alter according to unforeseen circumstances in which case there will be no compensation.

9. The company will not be liable for any injury, damage, loss, illness, accident or delay to persons embarked or their possessions howsoever caused, sustained on board our vessels or embarking or disembarking unless it can be proved to be caused by the negligence of the company or it’s servants.

10. No food or drink may be brought on board by passengers. Thames Rivercruise has been granted premise licences from Reading Borough Council for all vessels.  We operate a zero tolerance policy towards underage drinking, the taking and possession of illegal substances and drunken aggressive behaviour towards passengers or crew.  Control of the bar remains under the domain of the skipper and the personal licence holder and the authorised staff to sell alcohol in accordance with the operating schedule specified in the premises licence. We reserve the right to refuse to serve alcohol if circumstances require, whether they are pre purchased or not.  If a cruise has to be abandoned because of unruly behaviour there will be no refund of the hire fee.

11. Smoking on board is only allowed in designated smoking areas.

12. Disabled access.  We endeavour to comply with as many disability requirements as possible but would ask wheelchair users to contact our main office for advice on access to our boats.  The crew unfortunately are not permitted to lift wheelchairs on and off any vessel.

13. CCTV -  Our vessels are equipped with CCTV which is predominately for the safety of passengers and security of the vessels.  No pictures from the CCTV will be published unless requested by emergency authorities.

14. Occasionally photographs are taken by ourselves for publicity purposes.  We would normally ask parties for permission before doing so but if there are any objections they will be taken down as soon as possible. Thames Rivercruise takes no responsibility for photographs and videos that may be posted by passengers on social media.


1. A provisional booking is held for 14 days.  If confirmation of the booking with a deposit is not received within this period the reservation is automatically cancelled.

2. Details of the trip, such as destination, catering, bar, etc. should be clearly stated when making the reservation.  The trip may be varied by the Company, or the captain, should the circumstances make this necessary.

3. During the hire period the vessel shall remain under the complete control of the captain and crew and the Hirer shall be responsible for the conduct of the passengers on board.

4. The Company may, at the discretion of the captain, vary the course of the voyage should the circumstances so necessitate.  The Company does not guarantee that any vessel will commence or complete any journey or any part thereof in any given time or if conditions are beyond the control of the Company.

5. The Company will not be liable for any injury, damage, loss, illness, accident or delay to persons embarked or their possessions, howsoever caused, sustained on board the vessel or embarking or disembarking, unless it can be proved to be caused by the negligence of the Company, it’s servants or for whom it is responsible.

6. No food or drink may be brought on board by passengers.

7. A deposit will only be refunded by the Company should the vessel be re-booked or 6 weeks written notice is given.

8. For Henley Regatta and other special event bookings a deposit of approximately a third of hire rate is required: it will be calculated to the nearest round figure.  The deposit is non-refundable unless 3 months written notice is given.  The balance of payment due date will be advised to you by the Company.

9. The Company reserves the right to alter prices without notice.

10. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to make sure the members of their party are aware of the Conditions of Hire.

11. All payments are due 14 days prior to sailing.  Overdue accounts will be charged at 2.5% per month until account has been settled in full.