Three Bridges Of Reading

Reading is home to three bridges and four islands, each unique and picture-worthy.

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Three Bridges Of Reading

The River Thames meanders through Reading and Caversham separating the two on opposite banks. Crossings either side of Reading are limited to Whitchurch to the west and Sonning to the east thus the bridges in Reading are a vital link. Two road bridges, Caversham Bridge (opened in 1926) and Reading Bridge (opened in 1923) were supplemented in 2015 by a suspended pedestrian and cycle crossing, now called Christchurch Bridge at the bottom of Frys Island.

Caversham Bridge is beside our main boarding point at Caversham Pier and midway across, provides access to the smallest of the Reading islands, Pipers Island. Just below Reading Bridge De Bohun island is home to Caversham Lock and this, in turn, is linked to View Island. Our shorter cruises often take in the islands and bridges of Reading providing a great photo opportunity from the water whilst Christchurch Bridge, lit at night reflects perfectly in the ripples of the water.

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