Cold Buffets

Served by staff from the buffet table.

Served by staff from the buffet table.

Please note that with some of the larger buffets vessel capacities may have to be reduced.

If a formal sit down buffet is required  there will be an extra charge for cloths and the laying up of tables.


Light Bite Menu

Cheese Trio     £10.50 + VAT

  • Mature Cheddar cheese
  • Aged old Stilton
  • French ripe Brie
  • Celery and walnuts
  • Juicy grapes
  • Pickles and chutney
  • A selection of biscuits, oatcakes and Melba toasts and butter

Pate Light Bite          £10.50 + VAT

  • Homemade chicken liver pate with brandy
  • Pork Pate
  • Crispy Melba toasts
  • Black and green olives
  • Baby plum tomatoes
  • A selection of fresh breads and butter

Skippers Choice (served as a buffet)

Choose 1 of the 3 items below              £10.30 + VAT

A selection of all of the items below    £12.60 + VAT

  • Baked Gammon ham, sliced and served with mustard
  • Roasted and flavoured BBQ chicken pieces
  • Mature Cheddar cheese wedges

Served with:

  • Hunks of fresh breads and butter
  • Coleslaw
  • Pickles
  • Mixed leaves, tomato wedges and cucumber
  • Hard boiled eggs


Helmsman's Choice

Without Dessert                   £15.00 + VAT

With Dessert (choose 1)     £19.20 + VAT

  • Honey roasted gammon ham with Dijon mustard
  • Coronation chicken

Served with:

  • Leafy salad with on the vine tomatoes, cucumber and crispy croutons
  • Fresh breads and butter
  • Hot new potatoes

Dessert (choose 1):

  • Creamy cheesecake, chocolate shavings and lemon sauce
  • Homemade vanilla sponge roulade, filled with red berries and fresh cream


Oarsman's Choice 


Without Dessert                     £16.50 + VAT


With Dessert (choose 1)         £20.70 + VAT


Choose 2 mains and 2 salads from the list below:



  • Breast of chicken with lime and coriander
  • Baked salmon fillet marinated in fresh herbs and lemon, dressed with baby prawns
  • Slices of roast pork served with an apricot stuffing and apple sauce
  • Caribbean chicken
  • Roasted Vegetables on couscous with a spicy tomato dressing
  • Salmon,tuna, prawn and beansprout platter, drizzled with a light French dressing
  • Roasted topside of Scotch beef, sliced and served with hot horseradish sauce
  • VegetableSpanish tart
  • Thai beef platter
  • Poached Scottish salmon with dill mayonnaise
  • Spicy chicken with a Chinese dressing

Served with:

  • Fresh Breads and butter
  • Hot new potatoes


  • Caesar salad with crispy bacon bits, croutons and a garlic dressing
  • Tomato and red onion salad
  • Mixed leaves

Desserts (choose 1):

  • Banana and caramel pie
  • Lemon yoghurt mousse with kiwis
  • Raspberry and chocolate trifle
  • Apple crumble tart with crème anglaise
  • Homemade vanilla sponge roulade, filled with red berries and fresh cream


The Queen's Feast     £28.50+ VAT


  • Seafood Selection
  • Whole Scottish Salmon poached and decorated with King Prawns, served with dill mayonnaise
  • Rosettes of Smoked Salmon and lemon wedges
  • Garlic mussels in the shell, cooked and served in their own dressing
  • Smoked mackerel
  • Chicken breast sliced and served in a tarragon cream sauce

Served with:

  • Roasted vegetables on cous cous with a spicy tomato dressing, topped with feta cheese and pine nuts
  • A selection of white and wholemeal breads
  • Tossed green salad
  • Melon, tomato and cucumber salad
  • Pasta with sundried tomato dressing and spring onions
  • Hot buttered baby potatoes    


  • Platter of tropical fruits, served with a mango coulis
  • Chocolate and orange mousse
Coffee & Chocolates


The King's Feast      £29.50 + VAT

  • Gammon ham, cooked and studded with cloves, baked in the oven in honey and mustard,carved at the buffet table
  • Roasted topside of Scottish beef, rolled and cooked in cracked peppercorns, carved at the buffet table
  • Crown of roast turkey, carved at the buffet table, served with sage stuffing and cranberry sauce
  • Spinach and feta cheese pie

Served with:

  • A selection of fresh white and wholemeal breads and butter
  • Curried rice salad with peppers, onions and herbs
  • Waldorf salad
  • On the vine tomatoes, sliced red onion and green grape salad
  • Hot buttered baby potatoes


  • Dutch apple flan, with honey and lemon cream
  • Chocolate gooey torte with crushed raspberries

Coffee & Chocolates

Download PDF: menus_2_Cold Buffets.pdf

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