Caversham Princess

Meet the flagship, Caversham Princess, as imperious as her name implies and a splendid sight in all her majesty at night. Like a princess of the blood, she is tranquil and calm, tackling anything in her stride.

She was born out of the diversity that swept the passenger cruise industry in 1982, commissioned specifically by Thames Rivercruise.

Since then, she hasn’t missed a beat as she gracefully accommodates anything from corporate hospitality, private parties, weddings and a myriad of celebrations of all kinds, including buffets and meals on board, prepared in her beautifully fitted galley.

She is the biggest of the fleet carrying 140 passengers comfortably, with power to run all the equipment you need.

This means her versatility can accommodate any type of party, bespoke for you.

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  • Scheduled Cruises
    31 MARCH 2014.
    Round trips run from the Thameside Promenade, Caversham on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays from Saturday 5th April...
  • Celebrating 40 years
    17 JANUARY 2014.
    Thames Rivercruise is Based in Reading and in 2014 we are Celebrating 40 years cruising the River Thames between Wallin...
  • Scattering of Ashes
    01 JANUARY 2014.
    We provide a discreet and respectful service for the scattering of ashes on the Thames with a short cruise to a quiet l...
Special Offers
Spring 2014

Why not join us for a cruise this April or May and take advantage of our special offers with prices starting ...